Packaging Machine

Printers Thermal Transfer INDUMAK offer the best value for customers who wants a digital solution. Equipped with advanced thermal transfer technologies of heat transfer, able to print bar codes, QR codes, expiration dates, batches, real-time hours, graphics, images, logos and other information that needs to be printed directly on the packaging. Available for all Indumak machines.

• Prints images at 300 dpi resolution on a wide variety of flexible packaging materials.
• Proven reliability with the ribbon tensioning system. Keeps the ribbon tension constant and thus avoids waste.
• Ribbons with a maximum length of 650 meters of ribbon, which requires less frequent stops than hot stamping.
• Color touch screen (Touchscreen) 7”
• The stepping motors move the ribbon in both directions, causing the ribbon to position itself immediately after finishing the last print.
• Offers more impressions per roll and a low cost.


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